Solutions & Materials
Greenwave filters are an essential accessory in dealing with dirty electricity created by modern electronic appliances, dimmer switches, low-voltage lighting and smart meters. You can now order your Greenwave filters from HealthyHomes Environmental by email or by phone. More information about the filters can be found at

Feel free to contact us for an assessment to help you determine how many filters are required for your house as it may take one or two filters per circuit.
The “EMF safety super-store.” A supplier of meters, solution materials, fabrics, paints, shielding clothing, books, and products of all kinds. The most comprehensive store in North America for materials and solutions relating to reducing exposure to all electromagnetic fields (including wireless, dirty electricity, electrical fields and magnetic fields.)
A Canadian company who provides materials for EMF solutions throughout North America. A supplier of shielding materials including fabrics and paint, meters, books and consulting services.
A leading Canadian manufacturer of non-metallic mattresses, wool duvets and pillows, and other beneficial products. Ideal for people who are seeking to improve their quality of sleep by reducing their to exposure to electromagnetic radiation. If you talk with Don at SnugSleep, be sure to mention you were referred by Farren Lander for special pricing!