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Download April 17th Presentation

April 17, 2012  |   Farren's Blog   |     |   0 Comment

I wish to thank you for your presence at my presentation on Electropollution at Choices Market on April 17. It was great meeting all of you. Listening to your comments, your personal stories and your suggestions made me appreciate that although we are all faced with a huge "technological" problem, there is strong desire arising amongst the people to refuse technologies that are harmful and unwanted. Someone suggested that we make our presentation available for personal reference and we are glad to oblige the request by posting the presentation in PDF format for you to download. Thank you for spreading the word and in the hope that we will meet again.

GreenWave Filters for dirty electricity

March 21, 2012  |   Farren's Blog   |     |   Comments Off

We are now the exclusive distributor for the Greenwave lines of filters for dirty electricity. We are currently deploying a shopping cart to feature all the products we believe are essential to creating a safe living environment. In addition to filters and meters as well as other remedial solutions such as fabric foils, protective paints and personal protective devices, HealthyHomes Environmental will assess your home for the presence of electromagnetic fields and other serious environmental pollutants, and in consultation with you we will determine the best plan of action to ensure your home and workplace are more comfortable.

Connecting the dots…

March 06, 2011  |   Uncategorized   |     |   Comments Off

Hello, I would love the visitors to my website to understand the importance of “Connecting The Dots,” which will be a bi-weekly update on what I see from the field, as well as ongoing published research. The title, “Connecting The Dots,” will also be the title of a Youtube series we will be doing. The wireless evolution is moving at gigabyte speed, and we are accepting the technology as safe, WITHOUT IT BEING TESTED. All the new convenient technologies are being sold to us as easier to use, and faster to upload data, stream videos and surf the net, anytime, anywhere. All the while, is anyone considering that we could be adversely affecting our health? We're beginning to know the downside of cell phone use, but I ask that you consider that we also already have much pollution from wireless and radio frequencies in our living and working environments. Here is a partial list: microwave ovens (orginally marketed as a Radar Ranges) cordless phones, going all the way back to 900 megahertz digital DECT phones wireless baby monitors wireless alarm systems wireless internet (Wi-Fi) Wii games wireless X-Box Wi-Max in different locations Wi-Fi networks overlapping in neighbourhoods digital television broadcasting Cell towers are more frequently being installed on tops of ...

Welcome to the new site!

December 20, 2010  |   Farren's Blog   |     |   0 Comment

I would like to welcome you to HealthyHomes' new website!! Please check back often, as I will be posting regular updates here in the coming days and weeks. We will be adding videos soon. Regards, Farren Lander, MA

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