Magnetic fields

Magnetic Fields are a significant influence on the physiology of our cells as are all Electromagnetic Fields, however Magnetic fields that are constant such as those from a vacuum cleaner, blender, juicer, any electric motor will generate a strong Magnetic Field of as much as 600 mG or 600 milligauss when according to the Institute of Building Biology (IBB) any measurements over 2 mG is considered to be of Severe Concern and can have a adverse effect on healing and or recovery from such aliments as cancer, surgeries, diabetes, sleep disorders etc,. Some of the most powerful magnetic fields emitted are from the control panels of electric stoves, the actual cooking elements themselves, microwave ovens are particularly harmful due to the microwave radiation from the actual oven itself but the significant magnetic field coming from the Magnetron or the generator of the Microwave Energy. I have tested the some microwave oven from 30 feet with very high energy fields……so do not use a microwave oven for any reason, the radiation will virtually destroy the essential nutrients in food and contribute very high microwave field and magnetic fields into your living environment. Magnetic fields are a problem for another reason and that is that they are VERY difficult to shield, I use the analogy of trying to nail Jello to a wall. If for example you had a magnetic field the size of a grapefruit (depending on the measured strength of course) you would have to use low carbon steel or MU-metal and shield and area at 4ft x 4ft to have any impact on the field it becomes very expensive. Some other emitters of Magnetic fields are dimmer switches, low voltage lights, steel belted radial tires on cars, cars themselves (especially electric Hy-breds), lap top computers. There are many and they are a problem. Fortunately there is measuring technology available to detect these fields and provide recommendations for safety.