Electrical fields

In addition to the already mentioned sources of Electrical Fields I would like to add that these Fields “radiate” out s not only from wiring in the walls but from any and all extension cords (not as much from grounded-three prong extension cords), most lamps have ungrounded wires running from the wall outlets to the lamp. If you are sitting next to a particular ungrounded lamp reading your favorite book you are being “radiating” by as much as 500 volts/meter and according to the Standards set by the Institute of Building Biology any measurement over 10 Volts/meter is considered a severe concern and should be corrected by re-wiring the lamp with a grounded cord. When we do Body Voltage measurements (see Body Voltage ) of a person as they lay in their bed we often find ungrounded extension cords or lamp cords under the bed and this will increase their body voltage by as much as 500 m/Volts when according to IBB any measurement over 100 m/Volts is of severe concern.. So if you can make sure your extension cords are 3 wire grounded, if possible surge protected, and add a Greenwave dirty electricity filter to mitigate any dirty electricity that is hanging around.