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I would love the visitors to my website to understand the importance of “Connecting The Dots,” which will be a bi-weekly update on what I see from the field, as well as ongoing published research. The title, “Connecting The Dots,” will also be the title of a Youtube series we will be doing.

The wireless evolution is moving at gigabyte speed, and we are accepting the technology as safe, WITHOUT IT BEING TESTED. All the new convenient technologies are being sold to us as easier to use, and faster to upload data, stream videos and surf the net, anytime, anywhere.

All the while, is anyone considering that we could be adversely affecting our health? We’re beginning to know the downside of cell phone use, but I ask that you consider that we also already have much pollution from wireless and radio frequencies in our living and working environments. Here is a partial list:

  • microwave ovens (orginally marketed as a Radar Ranges)
  • cordless phones, going all the way back to 900 megahertz digital
  • DECT phones
  • wireless baby monitors
  • wireless alarm systems
  • wireless internet (Wi-Fi)
  • Wii games
  • wireless X-Box
  • Wi-Max in different locations
  • Wi-Fi networks overlapping in neighbourhoods
  • digital television broadcasting

Cell towers are more frequently being installed on tops of apartment buildings, close to schools and on hospital roof tops. Hospitals are using EMR (electronic medical records/wireless), and wireless routers are being installed in hospital corridors. Consider also exposure to medical and dental X-Rays, CAT scans and MRI’s. We have as many as ten wireless systems in our new cars to check tire air pressure etc, GPS systems, Bluetooth-enabled systems . . . on and on and on. AND, as if that was not enough to be concerned about, consider this:

In British Columbia, B.C. Hydro is installing Smart Hydro Meters, and water and gas meters are next. This is equivelent to clamping a cell phone on the side of every house and business in the province. Millions and millions of these untested devices will be installed, and you were not consulted. You will pay dearly $ dollar wise $ and energetically for the electropollution generated by these new device being labled as “energy saving.” Everywhere these meters have been installed the monthly bill has gone up $50-100 per month, and in some cases users’ health has been affected significantly with headaches, digestive disorders, sleep disorders and more. This new Smart Meter system is the initial phase of a much larger plan called the Smart Grid. This grid system was devised in the US and includes the installation of transmitters in all new appliances (retrofits will be available . . . ha!) You could have as many as 10 transmitters or more in your kitchen/laundry area alone.

My concern is for the ambient levels in the home and neighbourhood, and how these are going to affect not only children playing outside, but plants, animals, bees and insects that are already challenged. This could be THE tipping point for electrosensitive persons, and it could be THE turning point for those not yet electrohypersensitive, remembering that if you are chemically sensitive, you are pre-disposed to EHS.

See what I mean by “Connecting the Dots?”

Creating Safe Living Environments,


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